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Marketing Support Specialist

Position Overview

The Marketing Support Specialist role is an entry-level client service position within eScale’s team.
This is a part-time role, with opportunity to move into full-time and for future advancement in the agency. For this role, you’ll need to be a resident of the United States and work on Eastern Time (digital nomads who travel outside of the USA can certainly apply).
This position is intended to begin with 20 hours / week, spread out over 4 or 5 days / week. The schedule will be generally consistent day to day, with work and collaboration happening in the morning.

This is a great opportunity to begin or expand a professional career into Digital Marketing, eCommerce, or Project Management.


  • Work inside and alongside the marketing team to execute effective marketing campaigns for eScale’s clients.
  • Assist the Web Development team with non-programming / non-design tasks needed to keep projects running smoothly.
  • Complete minor content creation and editing tasks including, but not limited to, copywriting and light graphic design.
  • Craft and publishing of social media messages.
  • Load blog posts into WordPress and emails into Email Marketing Systems, sometimes requiring minor HTML use
  • Monitor social media accounts for client mentions and engagement opportunities.
  • Assist in the creation of regular performance reports for client accounts.
  • Support with anything else that needs done to move the team forward

Desired Skills & Experience

You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong questioning and listening skills, an analytical mindset, business acumen, and creativity. You must also be social-web savvy, tech-savvy, collaborative, intrinsically motivated, and a lifetime learner that loves to read and educate yourself. You must have a desire to learn performance-based digital marketing, marketing automation software,and  project management.
As an entry level marketing position, we are not expecting years of experience in marketing. The right candidate will be “DARC”:
  • Digital: you’re very comfortable living in a digital world.
  • Analytical: while you may not get your entertainment from pouring through spreadsheets, you must be comfortable with analyzing data and interpreting it in a way that makes sense.
  • Reach: you’re used to communicating with and influencing others online.
  • Content Creator: while your primary role will not be as a writer, the ability to create content is a key skill for today’s marketer.
If you’re “DARC”, have a great attitude, and are willing to grow, you’re probably a great fit.

About eScale

eScale is a division of Success Agency that’s devoted exclusively to building and growing successful eCommerce stores.
To give you a little context, Success Agency is a full-service digital marketing and web design agency that was founded in 2007. After eight years at Success Agency successfully building, maintaining and growing eCommerce websites, we decided to create a separate division (eScale) that would allow us to focus our efforts entirely on eCommerce. And so was born eScale.
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