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Hi there!

I run a B2B trivia company (Water Cooler Trivia). We send work teams weekly trivia quizzes and results over email. We are bootstrapped but growing very quickly. Two key focuses right now:

1) improving our conversion

2) better communicating our value prop/benefits

The proverbial stone to hit two birds? An animated explainer video. We have been running an A/B test on our homepage that has shown that a "screenshot carousel" performs better than "fade in/out trivia questions" in terms of converting folks into snagging a free trial.

We are confident that an animated explainer video is a huge upgrade from a screenshot carousel. So we're looking to hire a designer to make an animated video for us.


  • You're very good at animating videos
  • You're very good at narrating videos
  • You're very good at working without too much direction/oversight
  • You love trivia


  • 30-90 second animated video explainer, showing off the key steps of how our product works
  • As guidance, check out our 5-minute "Product tour" video


  • We'd like to leverage our existing palette and assets (the blue brains all over our website).
  • We have a fun tone. Not a fake-sounding B2B-masquerading-as-not-boring tone, but an actually fun tone. Trivia is engaging, and this video should be as well.
  • Looking to move on this ASAP with goal of having it finished by end of November.

Please mention that you come from RemoteJobs when applying for this job.

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