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The basics
  • The product: We're building the first subscription intelligence platform that empowers B2B SaaS leaders create, understand, and tell the story of their business through numbers.
  • The way we work:
    • This is a remote job - work anywhere you want, and in any timezone on earth (or outside earth, whatever).
    • We are an asynchronous team - we don't do scheduled internal meetings, and rely on each team member to pick their own schedule and to communicate clearly in writing and with recorded videos. If you're sick of pointless meetings, this is the place for you!
    • We operate completely autonomously - no one will tell you what to do; everyone gets transparent context and details about the company goals and you will figure out how to work towards them with the rest of the team!
    • We're a team that loves working together - we love playing board games (these we do synchronously 🙂 ) and traveling all around the world for week-long Subbie offsites (all expenses paid!).
  • The role you'll play on our team:
    • You'll be our first BizOps hire, partnering with our founding team (Sidharth Kakkar and Michelle Lee) on the most high-priority work! They formerly built and successfully exited a b2b saas called Freckle Education, and this is their second start-up.
    • We're an early startup, which means you'll be in charge of a dynamic range of projects. This role is designed for someone who loves wearing different hats (and learning to wear new ones!). This includes both strategy work that is crucial to the future trajectory of our company, as well as actual, operational "GSD - get shiz done" work.
    • One of your first major focus areas will be leading our Customer strategy and journey (including making new customer onboarding super successful AND building + growing relationships with our current ones. And our customers are awesome - you'll love them!).
    • As an early team member, you'll have a huge say in how we shape and build all parts of our organization; not just Customer Experience but also other functions. You'll have a ton of autonomy in defining + iterating on best practices and processes to really help both our customers AND our teammates reach the moon!
  • Like all start-ups we're scrappy, but not scrappy on compensation: Subscript is committed to paying our awesome team members at market-rate, including benefits. We're funded by First Round Capital and backed by several Angels at high-growth b2b saas companies.

  • Ambiguity excites you. You feel energized by the opportunity to learn, grow, and wear several different hats throughout your time as a Subbie. You're jazzed about defining our Customer strategy and capabilities, taking on projects in many other functional areas (we can talk about the ones that excite you most). Most of all, you're game to help shape the role to make it your own!
  • Our ideal candidate loves data (analyzing it, talking about it, advising our customers using it). You'll be acting as a key strategic advisor to our customers using that data! SQL preferred (but also willing to take quick learners).
  • You're kind, empathetic, and communicative (and empathetic in your communication!). Both externally, as you'll be collaborating closely with customers, as well as internally, as you'll be leading team discussions via written docs + recorded videos.
  • You're excited about working on a globally-distributed and diverse team, in an incredibly unique culture where autonomy, accountability, and ownership are equally as valued as your skillset. And you're also excited to travel the world for our quarterly Subbie Offsites! ;)
  • That's it!

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Posted 1 month ago

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