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Hello, and thanks for your interest! Below you can find more information about us and the role. You can also find more information about our hiring processes on our jobs page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

— Paul, Doc and the team


Who we are

Team Tito is a software business with two main products: Tito and Vito. Tito is for selling tickets to events. Vito is a tool to help bring delight to event experiences, online or offline. We’re a small and passionate team headquartered in Dublin, Ireland serving thousands of daily users and their customers across the globe.

Since 2013 we’ve been building a company and product that our customers—and their customers—love, and importantly laying the foundations of a solid, sustainable business for ourselves in the years to come.

We are committed to providing delightful experiences to our customers, based on strong ethical values and a commitment to excellence. We are also proudly independent giving us full control of our strategy and direction, allowing us to set our own course.

We recognise the huge potential for growth in Vito and while we’ve traditionally followed a slow and steady mantra, given that our existing business has been wiped out by the Coronavirus crisis, we recognise the need to do things a little differently.

For more background, see our About page.

The team

Founded by Paul and Doc, Team Tito comprises six full-time staff, with the team focussed mostly on customer operations and product operations, with contractors filling the other core responsibilities.

We are a remote-first company. Three team members are currently located abroad, with the remainder based at Tito HQ in Dublin, but all company interactions are led as though everyone were remote, even if we share an office.


The role

The Head of Customer Operations is responsible for managing how Team Tito interacts with customers from first touch through to final goodbye.


Customer operations should be integrated. Marketing should be in-line with what sales needs. Sales should flow smoothly into onboarding. Community should encompass all of this, but be independent of direct sales concerns. When customers require support, it should feel like a continuation of a relationship already established. All of this needs to be coordinated carefully to provide a consistent experience.


The Team Tito Head of Customer Operations will be responsible for this coordination, ensuring that sales is working in tandem with marketing and community building, and feeding appropriately back and forth between support as necessary.


Ultimately the role is measured by growth, but the growth is tempered by two other factors: first, ensuring a level of customer delight and satisfaction, and second, uncompromising commitment to our core values.


As a small team, initially, the head of customer operations will be a broad role, with a view to eventually building out a team and evolving into a leadership position as we grow.


The candidate will
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be a clear, concise communicator

  • Be prepared to accept and represent the values of integrity, excellence and delight 

  • Speak fluent English

  • Be passionate about technology as a force for good

  • Ideally have attended or organised conferences and events

  • Happy to try new things and take on big challenges

  • Be personable and comfortable working with people at various levels throughout the organisation

  • Be pragmatic about what can and cannot be achieved

  • Work with the senior team to establish key strategies

  • Understand sales and marketing processes

  • Help the team to see the impact of their work through goals and metrics

  • Expand the team based on need and budget

  • Be committed to our company core values


  • Work with the existing team on marketing campaigns

  • Manage and participate in customer support

  • Have a strong commitment to Tito company values

  • Have and develop a deep understanding of the Tito/Vito customer journeys

  • Have deep knowledge of each product

  • Have a deep sense of branding and how it relates to our company values

  • Integrate all of the customer operations functions to ensure a consistent experience through marketing, sales, onboarding, customer service and community building and other communication

  • Develop strategies to measure the success of each section according to metrics in line with company growth and company values

  • Evaluate and integrate any appropriate tools, either third-party or developed in house, to support customer operations activities


To succeed at Tito, the candidate will additionally
  • Be driven and ambitious

  • Be focused on tangible results

  • Believe that the established tropes of how to do business are not written in stone

  • Know that work is not everything, and that balance is important in a team


Further reading and resources
  • Create a free Tito account to try out the platform

  • Watch this five minute video on getting started with Tito

  • Take a look at our Vito homepage

  • Check out the company tag on our blog

  • Check out the product tag on our blog

  • Check out our documentation

  • Read the nice things customers say about us

  • Listen to Tito co-founder Paul talk about what guides us as a company

  • Read our CEO Paul’s blog posts about our core values: Integrity, Excellence and Delight

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